Tuesday, December 17, 2013

God Never Listens To What I Say... Lifeboy Phish Pin

What Squidbillies Pin collection would be complete without the Reverend?
Another super clever and hilarious idea if i do say so myself ;)
This pin and other Phish pins are available at www.zenster.net

Every Time I See Her, She's Got new Fancy Clothes! Funky Bitch Phish Pin!

I love Squidbillies so I came up with this idea for a Funky Bitch Phish pin
Changing the "SIP" cup to read "FUNKY BITCH" is hilarious.
this pin and other Phish Pins are available at my site www.zenster.net

Rigby and Mordecai Phish Pins!

I love cartoons!
Check out these Regular Show Phish Pins!
Rigby holding the meatball sub and and Mordecai rocking out on the Ocelot Languedoc guitar!
For even more Phish Pins Check out www.zenster.net

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Phish Pins Of The Day

I have been making and collecting Phish pins since 2009!
My very first pin was the Festival 8 Spinning Sider Phish Pin!
Over the years I have collected thousands of pins!
Check out even more Phish Pins at  www.zenster.net
Click the board of pins below to see the Phish Pins of the day!
This board changes daily as I sell and trade pins!
Check back often!!
New pins daily!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Phish Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall Phish Pin

http://zenster.net/Phish-Pins.htmlPhish at Boardwalk Hall was such a
great time!
So many friends getting together and having a blast at Phish!
Atlantic City is the perfect place to see Phish! I enjoyed the new album Wingsuit and I cant wait to hear some of the new songs like 555 and Winterqueen jammed out!
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us at the Phan Art Poster show at Caesars as well!
Check out the Squidbillies Phish Pin I made for Halloween!

Noah Phence's Phish Pin Board at Phish at Glens Falls 2013

Show Of Life stopped by the Dinner and a Movie Art gallery to see what was going down and talk to me about Phish Pins : )

Monday, July 8, 2013


What a hot and humid 3 days of Phish at SPAC!
This weekend was just a litter cooler than the Phish show at Deer Creek last summer! The shows got better each night and the vending scene is out of control! There were 4 rows of shakedown in the west lot! We arrived on at 7:30 AM on Saturday and the 1st row was almost full! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Denver High Times Cup> San Fran High Times Cup > Phish Summer Tour 2013

Wow time flies when you're having fun! :)
Since moving to Colorado we've made a bunch of really great friends , connected with old ones and expanded our pin business! We love it here!  To celebrate I even designed this Colorado Dead Flag! Email me if interested.
I can't wait to fly it at Phish this labor day weekend at Dicks Sporting Good's!!
It's going to be legendary!!
We have some great Phish pins in the works for this summer! Speaking of pins!
Back in April we rocked an official Blindpack Trading Pins booth at the 1st Annual Denver High Times® Cannabis Cup™!
The Official High Times Cannabis Cup pin and The Blindpack Lil Growerz pins sold out in ONE DAY! 

As we speak , the Blindpack crew is 
gearing up for The High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco on June 22-23.
Blindpack pins has made the official High Times Cannabis Cup pin again and will have another set of Blindpack pins LIL'RAGERZ II and 4th harvest NUG pins to unveil!
It's a very exciting time for us as we expand exponentially like some recursive virus! We hope you will swing by our booth at teh cup or on Phish tour this summer! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Find a city! Find yourself a city to live in!

We've finally pulled the trigger on moving to Colorado! Last blog I think was a picture looking out the windshield headed to see Phish for New Years at Madison Square Garden! I was having too much fun to blog as usual!
This time we've packed up all our gear and will reside in Colorado until Phish's summer tour comes round. It would be amazing if the tour started out west!
A Gorge run would be sweet!
Would love a shoreline and Berkeley too.
Anyways, this is what our car looks like packed with pins and packing supped and winter clothes and stuff for vending like a table , our new lights and all the pin displays full of Phish pins.

Our next adventure will take us to the Ogden Theater for Furthur!
Definitely meet up at Sancho's before the show!!!