Tuesday, December 17, 2013

God Never Listens To What I Say... Lifeboy Phish Pin

What Squidbillies Pin collection would be complete without the Reverend?
Another super clever and hilarious idea if i do say so myself ;)
This pin and other Phish pins are available at www.zenster.net

Every Time I See Her, She's Got new Fancy Clothes! Funky Bitch Phish Pin!

I love Squidbillies so I came up with this idea for a Funky Bitch Phish pin
Changing the "SIP" cup to read "FUNKY BITCH" is hilarious.
this pin and other Phish Pins are available at my site www.zenster.net

Rigby and Mordecai Phish Pins!

I love cartoons!
Check out these Regular Show Phish Pins!
Rigby holding the meatball sub and and Mordecai rocking out on the Ocelot Languedoc guitar!
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Phish Pins Of The Day

I have been making and collecting Phish pins since 2009!
My very first pin was the Festival 8 Spinning Sider Phish Pin!
Over the years I have collected thousands of pins!
Check out even more Phish Pins at  www.zenster.net
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Check back often!!
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