Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lifeboy Phish Pin

This lifeboy Phish pin is the 1st in a series of 8 Ausphishious Phish pins I am making.
The Lifeboy pin has a praying lizard swinging from a lifeline from the endless knot of Buddhism.
Entangled in the remnants of the knot I left behind are the lyrics to Lifeboy.

I suggest you remove the chain and replace it with a bit of fraying twine ; )
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Phish Pin case Looking good!

The 1st leg of Phish summer tour 2011 was incredible!
So many kind people and new friends and adventures!
Phish really squeezed the Gamhendge saga faster than ever before
and Superball IX is just around the corner!

I met so many amazing people and collected a huge pile of new Phish pins!
The Pin Case we are giving Phish as a gift is coming along nicely!
I will hand it off to Partytime Pins for the second leg and we will gift it to the band in Denver : ) Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
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