Sunday, February 17, 2013

Find a city! Find yourself a city to live in!

We've finally pulled the trigger on moving to Colorado! Last blog I think was a picture looking out the windshield headed to see Phish for New Years at Madison Square Garden! I was having too much fun to blog as usual!
This time we've packed up all our gear and will reside in Colorado until Phish's summer tour comes round. It would be amazing if the tour started out west!
A Gorge run would be sweet!
Would love a shoreline and Berkeley too.
Anyways, this is what our car looks like packed with pins and packing supped and winter clothes and stuff for vending like a table , our new lights and all the pin displays full of Phish pins.

Our next adventure will take us to the Ogden Theater for Furthur!
Definitely meet up at Sancho's before the show!!!